Pet Bird Breeds You Should Know

The type of pet bird that will be perfect for you will depend on your preferences for the most part and not so much on your capability of taking care of them.

Regular pets tend to need a lot of attention from their owners, some of them needing hours of exercise outdoors each day.

While different pet bird breeds will require different levels of attention, it will never be as much as a dog or a cat.

In many cases, smaller birds make for great pets and among the breeds that are popular you will find canaries, parakeets and finches.

Most pet birds will only need water, food and a bit of care to make sure they remain healthy. Other than that, they don’t need much from you, so they are great for anyone that is not looking for a huge time commitment.

Below you can see the categories of pet bird breeds we have on this site. Check out each category and see which one you prefer.

Domesticated Birds – You’ve probably seen these before. Quite often they’re part of our meals and I’m talking here about chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks and quail.

Parrots – Macaw’s, Parakeets and many other parrot breeds, learn more about all of them here.

Song Birds & Cage Birds – Learn about pigeons, ravens, canaries, doves, finches and many other cage birds.

Raptors – Check out the popular raptor breeds, including the owls, hawks, vultures, falcons and eagles.

Ratites – This category includes information on bird breeds like the kiwi, emu, ostrich or the rhea, plus a few others.

Wild Birds – The birds we’ve included here are usually better off in the wild, not in captivity. They’re not usually kept as pets.

Choosing a Pet Bird Breed

Parakeets-Pet-BirdsAnyone looking to spend a bit more time with their pet bird should look into a large breed, good examples being the cockatoo, macaws and parrots.

These breeds will be great to have around and they make for better pets, but they also need a bit more time invested in time.

Pet Bird Breeds

Though they do need a bit of care, they are still OK when left alone for longer periods of time during the day. As you can see, pretty much any type of pet bird you choose, you will still be better off than if you had a dog.

While regular pets have their advantages and they can be great to have around, not everyone can afford that kind of time commitment and money investment.

A pet bird can be a great alternative.

As long as you make sure that their cage is clean and you give them water and food on a regular basis, a bird should not be a big time sinker.

There are breeds that can be a bit more work, especially if you want to teach them tricks or if you want them to learn how to speak.

Those breeds are the larger ones and they can be great fun to be around.