Are Bird Feeders Good for Birds or Bad? – Find Out

Winter is the peak time bird feeders are important. But, a quick Google search will reveal various opinion kinds on whether or not feeding birds is good.

Today, we shall be looking at the benefits and disadvantages of bird feeders to help you decide:

Are Bird Feeders Good for Birds?

Yes! It’s both okay to feed wild birds and it’s also good for them. The extra boost of nutrition and calories they get from bird feeders helps to reduce stress during breeding months, gain the strength needed to survive a harsh winter.

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Benefits of Using Backyard Bird Feeders

Watching birds from the comfort of your yard provides much pleasure, education, and is non-intrusive.

It may even help some types of birds survive harsh winter months. Bird feeders mainly attract birds local to the area the feeder is placed in. These birds enjoy natural sources of food.

Because of this, bird feeders are only used as a supplemental source of food. So, birds are unlikely to give up searching their natural habitat for food when a bird feeder is placed.

Flying Faster

Bird feeding has been seen to have an instant positive effect on birds, specifically on chicks.

Chicks that are offered a little additional help with supplemental food fly earlier and have a higher survival rate.

Early Eggs

Birds that use supplemental feeders all though winter often lay eggs earlier, which gives them an higher chance of successfully hatching and raising more chicks.

For instance, the House Finch has boomed in population over the past 50 years due, in large part, to the help of bird watchers and entusiasts.

Are Bird Feeders Good for Birds

Disadvantages of bird feeders

At times, well-meaning bird enthusiasts and watchers make bad decisions that come with negative consequence for the birds.

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Some bird species may settle in areas that cannot support them if the supply of bird feed from a friendly household is reduced or completely removed.

This does not happen quite often, but might occur in areas with harsh winters or highly developed areas.

The other primary disadvantage of bird feeders is that they can sometimes attract unwanted rodents, like mice, rats, and squirrels, when peanuts and bird seeds drop to the ground.

These rodents can be prove to be stubborn pests but can easily be controlled with a few simple deterrents.

Is feeding birds good or bad?

While there are some cons to bird feeding, the advantages far out weight the negatives. A lot of birds in urban and suburban communities would be completely extinct if not for the help of benevolent bird watchers.

For a lot of people, bird watching is a gateway into connecting with nature. Plus, it allows wildlife researchers to better track the population of birds.

So, are bird feeders good for birds?

Once again, they are. Although there are some cons to bird feeders, the positives are so good that back yard bird feeders aren’t going any time soon!


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