Are Bird Scarers Dangerous or Mere Decoys?

Are bird scarers dangerous?

Well, let’s find that out now. Shall we?

Are Bird Scarers Dangerous?

Well, it depends. When used right it is not but when used wrongly it becomes harmful to humans or to bird themselves. Either way, it should only be used as a last resort.

I have heard of a series of serious accidents that have been caused to horse riders by gas gun bird scarers as a result of them surprisingly exploding as a horse passed them.

I believe they cause harm when riders do not know where they are and they suddenly explode next to them i.e if they are hidden from view on the other side of a hedge.

They could cause the horse to throw the rider, the horse to bolt and subsequently collide with cars, walkers, or cyclists.

Some scarer brands used to have a horn whose sound lasted 30 seconds before the bird scarer exploded as to warn people that they would go off, however this type has not been manufactured for a while.

A lot of gas gun bird scarers may blow up 5 times in quick succession striking extra fear to the heart of the horse.

This has proven that Gas Gun Bird Scarers do not deserve to be placed anywhere near a public highwatys or “Rights of Way”

There is a NFU leaflet on bird scarers which provides advice to landowners or farmers.

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Are Bird Scarers Dangerous

Bird Scarers and Deterrents

Please know that deterrent is not 100% effective in all cases. The effectiveness depends, among others, on the target animal and its past experiences, what exactly attracts it, and what alternatives the animal has move to.

There are animals which people, quite justifiably, try to keep out of their gardens. Some of these, like the domestic cat in the UK, are not native, but have been introduced there by people.

There exist various methods which can be tried to keep these pesky animals out of a garden.

There are other birds, such as starlings and sparrow hawks that people do not like to entertain in their gardens, either because they find them to be a nuisance, simply do not like them, or perceive these birds as being harmful to other birds in some way.

These birds are all a natural and integral part of the bird fauna of the British Isles, and rather than pursuing them, they should be accepted for what they are and enjoyed as such.

When you attract birds into your garden, it is not possible to pick and select those species one likes. Sooner or later, a full cross-section of species that live in the area will visit the garden.

The deterrent shared here only deals with “the garden context”. For problems in agricultural situations and goose related issues, the relevant Government Agricultural Department will be able to advise.

Agricultural bird deterrents are in most cases unacceptable for use in gardens, almost regardless of the size of the garden, because of the nuisance they cause to the neighbourhood.

Audible and visible deterrents for use on farmland and other open space situations by farmers away from housing have been made readily available by companies.

It is also worth a note that these deterrents are not species specific, but would deter any bird from within the effective range.

Legal Considerations

In many cases, it is totally legal to deter birds from using a given area. But, there are a number of considerations and conditions that need to be met.

  • The operation of a deterrent must not inure, trap, or kill a bird.
  • A barrier deterrent or scaring device must not be set so that it stops nesting bird’s access to their active nest.
  • Scaring devices must not be used close to the nest of a Schedule One species, since any kind of disturbance of these birds at or close to their nest is strictly illegal.
  • Before resorting to deterring birds from your site, ensure that there are alternatives for the birds to go to. Otherwise the deterrent will not have the desired effect, and will only serve to put the bird in distress.

If in any doubt, please ask for advice before starting to use a deterrent.

The answer, therefore, to the question of are bird scarers dangerous is that it most likely is if you live in in the country. Living in cities gives you more room and options to get your pest problem under control.

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