Best Bird Cages for Indian Ringnecks – Sturdy and Roomy!

Your search for the top bird cages for Indian ringnecks may have led you to a number of fake plastic that wouldn’t last 365 days.

Cheaply made bird cages are all over the market, sadly, pet birds are the one’s suffering consequences. That’s why we’ve created the best bird cages for Indian ringnecks recommended by the best industry-leading vets.

You can expect that each cage recommended here today are made from the highest quality materials, ranging from wrought powder coated steel, aluminum and a 304 medical grade German stainless steel.

Aside being secure and strong, they also beautify your home because of their design.

Best Bird Cages for Indian Ringnecks

Top 4 Best Bird Cages for Indian Ringnecks

When your bird loves the comfort he/she gets from sitting in a well-made Ringneck bird cage then you’ll know you’ve purchased a quality Indian ringnecks bird cage that will last forever.

  • Extra Large Double Stackable Decker Bird Cage – Cheapest

Quick Features

Dual stackable bird cages in one! It’s Compact design is very roomy for your bird yet can fit virtually anywhere in your home! Bird cage can house more than 1 pet birds.

It’s Total Cage Size is: 30″ X 24″ X 74″. Each Cage Dimension: 30″ x 24″ x 26″

Bar Spacing: 5/8″


What Do I Get When I buy this?

You get 2 stackable bird cages. Each bird cage (2 bird cages in this system) possess a slide out tray, slide out metal grate, latch style lock, wooden perch and 2 swing out feeder doors and stainless steel seed/water cups.

It’s Wrought iron construction and non-toxic powder coated finish. 5/8″ bar spacing makes it safe for your pet bird. Boasting of a 3.5 mm bar gauge.4 rolling casters , cleaning and moving is easy.

Assembling is like ABC. The cage and stand are attached together. Stand is not a separate piece. Perfect bird cage for multiple small and medium birds.


Doors are sturdy and safe too

The cage is tall (at eye level)

The cage is light.

Movability is easy

3 solid trays and 4 tray dividers


Manual instructions are subpar

At times, the bolts can prove hard to get at

5 foot or less person might need a step ladder to reach the top

Non-removable dish holders

Being one of the best bird cages for ringnecks and  conures, your pet birds are bound to be very happy in this cage.

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  • Kauai Kastle Dometop Large Bird Cage with Stand – Economical

Quick Features

Spacious, dometop-style large bird cage offers spacious room for your birds to stretch his wings

Outside Dimensions is: 36”W x 26”D x 64”H. Inside Dimensions is: 36″W x 26”D x 52”H

Bar Spacing: 1”

The access door is huge. It’s flared steel seed skirt help prevent spillage. Boasts of a 3 swing out feeder doors. Its grate and tray are removable.


What do I Get?

A Grate and pan. Locking food bowls and 5 seed/water cups. 1 natural wood perch and a Breeder door. Rolling casters. This cage is Perfect large bird cage for african greys, macaws and other similar sized birds

Colors Available: White, Black, Silver or Green


It wrought iron construction and powder coated finish is professional. It boasts of a 1″ bar spacing. 5 mm bar gauge. This cage and stand are attached together along with it’s stand is not a separate piece.

To ensure easy moving, it comes with 4 rolling casters. It has a Breeder door. This Large bird cage is suitable for medium to large birds ranging from African greys, macaws, ringnecks etc.

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It has a spacious design

Easy to assembly

The lock mechanism is safe and secure

It comes with seed guards

It comes in 4 different colors

The 3 stainless steel cups are big and shallow

There’s a small access door on the side toward the back. It’s about at a 4″ level.

Castors are sturdy.

The tray and grate can be taken out easily for cleaning.


None. I can very much recommend this cage as one of the best bird cages for Indian Ringneck parakeet. Ours so loves it. WOW!!!!

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  • King’s Cages SLTPC4226 Parrot Bird Cage – Not So Expensive

Quick Features

Bird proof circle feeder locks and spring locks

Vertical bars front & back Front door safety latch, horizontal side bars

2 20 oz Stainless steel cups With Nipple & 2 perches 2

Large front cage door for easy access

Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning with 4 easy rolling casters



This combo Cage 42 inches wide, 26 inches deep 5 ft 10 inches high, inside height 58 inches tall side Tray – 40 5/16″ x 25 1/2″ Grill – 40 5/16″ x 25 11/16″ Small Tray – 25 1/2″ x 17″ 140 Lbs

It’s bird proof spring locks and circle feeder locks are secure and safe for your pets. It has horizontal side bars, vertical bars front & back Front door safety latch 2 swing out feeder doors 2 20 oz stainless steel cups with nipple and 2 perches 2 10 oz stainless steel cups with nipple on Play Pen Removable seed catcher (add 3.5″ all around).

It has a sliding tray on top. For accessibility, it has a play pen Large front cage door. It’s Slide-out grill & tray for easy cleaning. Rolling casters are 4 to make mobility easier.

It features a Nest box door and allows for compact storage (when you knock it down). It is Non-Toxic and safe for your feathered friends.


It is big

Perfect for ringneck Parakeet!

Well-built ad sturdy

Delivery is fast

Fairly easy to assemble

Casters are very sturdy, screws well into steel and they move very smoothly.

The locks are bird-proof.

It is beautiful, sturdy, very well-made, roomy, and has a built-in play stand

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It manual could be made clearer

The perches are huge (the size for double-yellowhead amazon size or cockatoo bird). You can buy untreated/unsealed pine dowels at Home Depot, cut them to the lengths you need and notch them.

The placement of the door is too far to the right, which makes it hard to run a perch all the way across the cage in front of the water and food dishes. To fix this, simply use PVC pipe and fittings from the plumbing section of a home improvement store.

  • Sapodilla Sanctuary Stainless Steel Large Bird Cage – Most Expensive

Quick Overview

It is built with a 304 medical grade stainless steel construction.

It’s external Dimensions are: 30″W x 21”D x 64″H while it’s internal Dimensions sits at: 30″W x 21”D x 41″H (41″ interior height)

This spacious domed rooftop stainless bird cage is super spacious. It comes with natural stoneware water and food cups. It is simple and quick to install and requires no tools.

It boasts of a spring loaded bird proof locking system. It seed catcher is removable and it helps control whatever mess your birds makes (add 4″ all around to stated dimensions).

It comes with Adjustable, swivel loop toy hangers.

It’s Bar Spacing is : 5/8″


What do I get if I buy this?

2 slide out grates and trays for simple cleaning with 4 swing out feeder doors. Removable/locking cup holders. 2 Natural wood perches and 3 water and food feeders. 3mm bar gauge. Bottom shelf to store supplies and treats and Rolling casters. Exterior feeder is optional (we recommend it!).


It is a Spacious dometop style bird cage

It is sturdy and long lasting

Comes with food and water cups

Easy to assemble together

It is secure and safe

Stand with additional storage space on rolling casters

Built-in rolling stand with lockable casters and bonus storage space

Features a removable tray

Perches and toy hanger

Steel minimizes bacteria in corners


It is expensive


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