Best Nectar Guards for Hummingbird Feeders Right Now

Nectar guards for hummingbird might be your best investment yet when it comes to deterring bugs and keeping unwanted pests and animals out of your nectar feeder for birds.


How do this Hummingbird Feeders Nectar Guards Work?

The nectar guard tips slide with ease onto the feeding ports on the underside of the feeders cover. The flexible membrane in the center of each tip opens with ease when hummingbirds insert their beaks to feed and close up tight when beaks are removed.

These nectar guard tips create a barrier flying insects cannot penetrate. Plus, these guard are backed up with a 1 year guarantee.

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How well do Nectar Guards for Hummingbird Feeders Work?

These caps will fit most of the feeder on the market. Personally, it fits the Pennington hummer feeder that has yellow caps inside white molded flowers, “Best 1” feeders, oz Hum Blossom feeders, various aspect feeders etc.

They’re really soft and squishable too so you can be less worried about them being too hard for tiny beaks to open these up to get nectar.

It is also simple to see mold inside when cleaning these caps because they’re see through. Plus, it’s easy to get off for cleaning without popping them across the floor – exactly how my hard plastic yellow caps got lost off my feeder.

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nectar guards for hummingbird feeders

Lastly, it looks to be quite universal in size as a hummingbird feeder replacement part/ Plus, trimming a smidge off bottom if these are a bit too tall for a port it’ll fit on.

My Personal Experience with Nectar Guard Hummingbird Feeders

When bought and placed in, we haven’t has issues with wasps or bees, but we have earwigs getting into the feeders each night.

Initially, I has my doubts about it keeping earwigs out but it actually does! No earwigs! We use the 4 oz Hum Blossom feeders, and the nectar fits securely.

A hummingbird was drinking from the feeder within a few minutes of me putting it out with the nectar guards.

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