Best Squirrel Proof Feeder Reviews [They Work 100%]

So, you have tried putting a barrier in your yard and maintaining enough distance of the feeder to the ground – these are good options but the ULTIMATE ONE is getting the best squirrel proof bird feeders that actually work.

There are lots options when it comes to getting the best performing bird feeder that keeps squirrels away but here are some that truly does the job of keeping ransacking thieves at bay!

The Top 20 Best Squirrel Proof Feeder Reviews

  • Brome Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

This Brome squirrel proof bird feeder is certainly one of our favorite. It is one of the best out there for your birds but bad news for the squirrels.

Squirrels cannot cheat the feeder’s system. This is because the weight of a matured squirrel will automatically close the shroud, which means the squirrel is denied access to the seed FAST.

At times, Squirrels have proven to be determined critters who will chew even the sturdiest of plastic and hardest. However, the Brome’s squirrel buster is made with RoxResin; a chew proof material – so be rest assured. These guys can never get to the seed.

That’s not all. The dispensing holes are way too small for squirrels to get through so the cute fluffy devils can never get the seeds.

What We Liked

  • Cleaning is easy
  • The squirrel’s weight closes the seed lid
  • Features a seed ventilation system
  • The perching area measures the weight of the squirrels

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not squirrel proof when the squirrels can stand on ledge or the feeder is too slow

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  • Droll Yankees Squirrel Proof Feeder

This is perhaps the best squirrel proof bird feeder that works out there. The Droll Yankee squirrel proof feeder is true to its name, “squirrel proof” as no squirrel can get pass the “rotating” system when a squirrel tries to steal some expensive bird seed.

It is one of the few spinning squirrel proof bird feeders that are actually anti-squirrel. I love the fact that my mind is at peace knowing my feeder does its work of shoving away squirrels from its perching system.

How does it work?

The Yankee flipper has got a motorized, weight-activated squirrel proof system so the minute a squirrel leaps on the feeder, it simply spins uncontrollably, disturbing both squirrels and birds alike.

The birds will fly away but the squirrel has to solidly fall to the ground. Now, that’s call payback for the expensive seed eater/

Squirrels who happens to successfully jump onto his spinning squirrel bird feeder gets spinned until they give up the quest – and almost all the time, the system beats them.


What We Liked

  • The higher the squirrel weight, the faster it spins
  • Birds will have access to the seeds
  • It’s design is sleek
  • Comes with a perching area for birds
  • Big seed capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • Seeds can fall off during spinning but ground feeders can take care of the seeds
  • Perky-Pet 312 Panorama Bird Feeder

Perky Pet Products have always won my heart. I mean they make such great equipment and food making birders very happy.

There are a lot of good thing about this product: sure lock cap, tray style feeding system, and rust-free material. The price is lower than most competitors on amazon.

Yes, I love the product for these reasons and more. It boasts of a panoramic 360 degrees – this makes sure you and I can watch from all angles.

Lastly, the squirrels that visit cannot open the lid keeping your seeds safe from these incredibly annoying intruders.


What We Liked

  • Made with non-rust materials
  • Keeps the seeds safe from weather conditions
  • Tight lid so squirrels can’t reach the seeds
  • Big carrying capacity. Can hold at least 2 lb of seeds

What We Didn’t Like

  • Squirrels can get smart enough to locate a ledge to stand on can steal some seeds
  • Woodlink 7536 Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

Either you’re getting your squirrel proof bird feeder on Amazon or Walmart, nothing beats an enclosed feeder if you’re trying to deter those stubborn squirrel.

This is what Woodlink bird product offered when they put together “the Absolute II”.

I recommend because the squirrels in all their mightiness cannot sink their incisors into this steel.

As expected, the system is much like other squirrel proof feeders – weight of the squirrels causes the automatic closure of the access to the seed, but this Woodlink squirrel proof bird feeder has more beneficial features including double sided entry, seed saver baffle and adjustable weight settings.

I never looked back since I paid a bit more for this product as its benefits far outweigh the cost of it. The 12 pound mixed seed capacity also ensure that I do not need to be stingy with refill for fear of squirrel futile attack nor be scared of running out every single day.


Infact, it might take some days before you see the need to refill.

As an advice, in case your squirrels are little Einstein, try quick fix as rubbing petroleum jelly or oil into the feeder pole and turn this squirrel resistant into 100% squirrel proof.

What We Liked

  • Assembling is easy
  • Beautiful addition to your yard
  • Refilling is easy
  • Can be mounted on a pole
  • Squirrel resistant – steel so chew-proof

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cost some extra bucks (but definitely worth the value)
  • Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder

The term “buster” is the best part of this great product and I totally love such idea. Brome made it really clear, a similar feature of their other squirrel buster feeder.

Of course, there are various ways of sending squirrels away: hanging it away from any places squirrels can use such as ledge or fence, putting oil on the pole and yes, buying an effective squirrel feeder.

This product is very simple to install – it can be dismantled by hand into individual components without the need for complicated tools – install by hand.


Want to know the best part?

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You can control which bird size should feed on this feeder via its adjustable spring mechanism. Well, for someone who wants to consider price, this Brome squirrel buster standard wild bird feeder is also a money saver, yet of quality – a real deal.

What We Liked

  • Installation is easy’
  • Squirrel proof for sure
  • Sizes of birds can be adjusted
  • Simple to clean
  • Birds can perch, or feed through the mesh

What We Didn’t Like

This is one of those high quality that does it job – keeping squirrels out.

The cage says it all, if you think about it.

No suet will ever be touched by squirrels (ever again), unless it has become extremely small, that it would naturally fall off the feeder cage.

There’s surely practical in this feeder – the cage, which means no regular squirrels can go through even if they try their hardest.

The lid, that happens to be the only entry point can be lifted with enough force but not something a squirrel can do so you can relax without no fear.

I love that it can handle double suet cakes at the same time so there is no rush to refill as frequent as possible. The cage metal spaces are large enough for birds to get in but too small for squirrels to do so the suet is very safe. Plus, the tight fitting metal is weather proof ensuring the durability of the cage.

For its price, more cheaper than many suet feeders, part of it goes to bird habitat and conservation so if you are a bird enthusiast, there is nothing more heart-warming than keeping the regular habitats of the beautiful birds protected.

What We Liked

  • Installation is easy. It can be hung simply on metal bars or tree.
  • The tight fitting cage deters squirrels
  • Small birds can enjoy the suet in peace, without threat from predators
  • The beautifully designed circular design allows you 360% view of the feeding sessions

What We Didn’t Like

  • Suet falls from the cage when it is very small in size. Can be a bit messy

Best Squirrel Proof Feeder

  • Perky-Pet 339 Squirrel Be Gone II Feeder

No.7 on our list of squirrel proof bird feeder pole is the Perky-Pet. The design is a steal – beautiful, practical and functional!

The birds are bound to love it as much as you do. Once a squirrel hops on the bird feeder, the weight activated seed protection automatically closes the seed ports leaving the pesky squirrel with no choice but to jump off.

Aside from being squirrel proof, it also can hold at least 8 lbs of deed, which means that I don’t need to refill it so often. Yet, even if the bird house is full to the brim, I am at peace that they are going to be served to the ones it is intended for – birds.

If you do not agree with such benefits of this feeder, then I don’t know what else will be great for you. Even expert birders rated it on the high 5!

What We Liked

  • Cleaning is simple
  • Refilling is easy
  • Assembling is completed in a matter of minutes
  • Beautifully made of steel so anti-chew
  • Big capacity, 8 lbs at a time
  • Affordable and practical

What We Didn’t Like

  • Smart squirrel will find a ledge to stand on and reach for the feeder, reducing weight and tricking the weight detector.
  • Avoid placing it anywhere squirrels can gain access to.
  • Perky-Pet 336 Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder

When it comes to the creation of beautiful designs, hats off to perky-pet! This squirrel be gone product is a perfect example of squirrel proof bird feeders for the money.

The square design, the leafy steel that accentuates the cute feeder is a frequent reminder that a bird feeder can contribute to backyard design as well.

Asides this, I recommend this feeder for multiple reasons: 6 ports, small enough for birds to peck, steel materials against chewing and weight activated cage against squirrels.

That means that no matter what happens, your pretty cage will sustain no damage (chewed on) or ransacked (steal seeds) by the birders primary enemy – squirrels.

Perky pet even claim it to be designed for bird’s paradise, and to an extent, I believe their claim is true. The decorative leaves even cover the ports when squirrels are on it. Such design is functional and beautiful to the eye at the same time.

The only con to this amazing product when it meets a squirrel patient enough to chew on the plastic container. Yet, it is worth every penny and is way cheaper than most products too.

What We Liked

  • Design is beautiful
  • It comes already installed. Simply hang it
  • Weight activation allows the ports to be closed
  • Squirrel proof

What We Didn’t Like

  • Persistent squirrels can damage the plastic materials
  • Audubon NATUBE3 Squirrel Proof Feeder

This Audubon squirrel proof bird feeder is great. The cage is well made and can quickly frustrate the efforts of determined squirrels.

It no doubt will be a tough nut to crack for the squirrels. Considering weight and body structure of the squirrels, I bet two dollars that they will just go away flustered that all attempts fail.

I like this cage tube because its impenetrable. The seeds are kept safe in a plastic tube in the middle of the round cage and while small birds will love the treats, squirrels have no choice but to watch from the sidelines, in frustration.

It has 4 seed ports so you can only enjoy watching the colors of the birds, feeding off your seeds. The only con is that the metal cage is too small for larger birds so you will only get to see smaller songbirds.

Not your perfect feeder but definitely worth having.

What We Liked

  • Lock in system, only birds allowed
  • Can hold quarter pound seed
  • Top cap protects the seeds from weather elements
  • Cage keeps the squirrels out

What We Didn’t Like

  • Only small birds can eat from the feeder
  • GrayBunny GB-6860 Caged Tube Feeder

There are a couple of things I am looking forward to bird feeder purchases: design, price and functionality. This cage tube feeder by Gray Bunny has all so you can imagine how pleased I am about writing about this.

Personally, I vote this product as one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders out there for reasons such as entertainment; seeing the most beautiful birds in style as well as watching the squirrels try but not succeeding from entering or getting a share of the precious seeds.

The metal material is also chew-proof so it can definitely frustrate the squirrels further.

Its design of keeping the seed tube in the middle is perfect to keep the pesky ones out. The 4 feeding ports mean that you get to reap the benefits of multi-colors at one time. Besides that, it is super easy to fill.

Although originally intended for smaller birds, some larger ones that have long beaks can find a way to partake in some of the seeds. Depending on whether you only want to feed smaller ones, this is a minor issue. Big birds that do it are quite resourceful or smart too.

Otherwise, when you consider its price too, this seems to be a perfect one to have for the yard.

What We Liked

  • Value for money
  • Design is beautiful
  • Keeps the squirrels out
  • Non-chewable metal component
  • Filling is easy

What We Didn’t Like

  • Big birds with long beaks can reach the seeds
  • Roamwild PestOff Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

When you certainly detest having squirrels visiting your yard, then you might want to consider what else to do to keep them at bay.

Good news! The pest off product of Roamwild does the job.

So, I highly suggest you try it. To keep you and your yard safe from these disturbing animals, these one has the capacity that is large enough to keep you at peace for quite a while – 3 lbs. However, that’s not the most important feature.

The most crucial ones are the built in cover and mini-baffle system that ensure no squirrels will ever get in between the seed dispenser and the seed tube.

I think you will also like the feature wherein the perch hatch automatically blocks access to the food if a squirrel or large bird hops into it.

It opens automatically when they move away from the feeder – How cool is that?

Lastly, built with metal, even the strongest teeth of the toughest squirrel CAN NEVER, EVER chew off the material. The seeds are protected too, by all means because of the built in weather guard.

What We Liked

  • Excellent value for the money
  • Simple to clean
  • Easy to install. Just hang it and it’s ready to go.
  • Perch hatch closes automatically when a  large object (big bird or squirell) tries to perch and eat
  • Large refill capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • Plastic tube may get in trouble if reached by squirrels. Hang it higher than 4”
  • Perky-Pet 102 Squirrel Resistant Feeder

Another one from Perky Pet. Their feeders surely are well designed and work great in every area of birding.

One look at this squirrel proof bird feeder reveals it’s beauty. On top of that it has a removable seed cartridge, large seed capacity, easy filling and cleaning, clear container makes it simple to monitor seed level and yes, the cage protecting the seed tube.

The product never claimed it to be squirrel proof but it is definitely squirrel resistant, and it does deliver like it promises.

The feeder has more than 1 port allowing a lot of birds to perch and feed at once, some clinging onto the cage. The bottom opens up for cleaning making the birder’s job a bit easier and of course easy to fill.

If there is a downside, it is probably the plastic. Can it withstand all elements: sun, snow, rain, and wind? That’s to be put to real test.

What We Liked

  • Installation is easy.
  • Simple to clean and refill
  • Value for money
  • Cage protects the seed tube and ports
  • Multiple port system
  • Value for money

What We Didn’t Like

  • Plastic can get brittle through time
  • Myard MBF 75160-G Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Ever heard of the saying “big is powerful”? This is the typical example of when big things do deliver their promise of quantity and quality.

I love the simplicity of the design – container that is big enough to carry 6 lb of seeds and the fact that is squirrel proof.

The design, the levers at the bottom of the container deters the squirrels 10%. But the perches, can be extendable making it more accessible to slightly bigger birds.

So far, expert bird watchers and keepers are glad and satisfied about this product as it not only protects the seeds but frustrated the squirrel to the maximum.

Hilarious scene when they try all the tricks in the bag but nothing works.

The only con to this feeder is the raccoons but it did not promise to deter them so it is a good product all the same. To avoid them ransacking your feeders – hang it higher!

What We Liked

  • Easy to fill
  • Cleaning and hanging is simple
  • Features an adjustable perch bar
  • Double sided design
  • Good value for money

What We Didn’t Like

  • Squirrels are not strong enough to damage it (but raccoons are)
  • Wild Bill’s Squirrel Proof Feeder

Totally creative (and a bit harsh) and totally funny to watch running away from the feeder. Don’t worry the shock will do no permanent damage to the critter.

So far, it is one of the best (if not the best) squirrel proof feeder in the market today. The small shock proof feeder shocks only raccoons, squirrels and other unwanted species.

They do not get hurt though as the electric shock is too tiny to do real damage and birds are 100% safe too.

While the process might prove to be too much, the pros outweigh the cons. Powered by a 9 volt battery, you will need to constantly check to ensure maximum effectiveness.

A little more zap can go a long way to either make the squirrel try again or go away permanently. Many chose the latter.

Although innovative, this can be quite difficult to install in on pole. Hanging it on a tree is still a great option as long as it is within bird’s flight vision.

What We Liked

  • Cleaning is easy
  • Good value for money
  • More than one feeding ports
  • Zap the squirrels a little scaring them off

What We Didn’t Like

  • Might need a baffle if you mount it on a pole or the squirrels will use the pole as leverage and zapping will not work
  • Nibble Weather Proof Anti-Bacterial Feeder

Having a weatherproof bird feeder is amazing, They are resistant to the weather so you do not need worry about having to clean the mess after a strong wind or rain,

I admire this feeder for plenty of reasons: it is built with metal alloy, which means that even the strongest squirrel tooth is no match in case they want to chew, and anti-bacterial, which means that I do not need to worry about frequently cleaning it.

It is coated with anti-bacterial solution protecting the birds as well as humans for possible bird diseases.

The only con of this feeder is its weight – the thin materials makes it ultra-light to the point that it is as thin as paper so a strong wind may be able to take it off where it hanged if left unsecured. . But once properly secured, it should not be an issue.

What We Liked

  • It’s weight is light
  • Easy to fill
  • Anti-bacterial so it requires less cleaning
  • Easy to clean
  • Good Value for money
  • Small but can last a long time

What We Didn’t Like

  • Too thin that a strong wind may affect it
  • Nature’s Hangout Window Bird Feeder

This top squirrel proof feeder for birds deserves to be listed in today’s review.

Nature’s Hangout did an amazing job at coming with a creative design of small, clear plastic and well-protected feeder.

I love the design as it offers me unrestricted view of the colourful birds from my kitchen window. And I mean it when I say pests like raccoons and squirrels have no way of reaching the feeder nor climbing the glass window.

The price may seem a bit high for its category but it’s all worth it. The suction stays on for a long period of time so no need to replace it as often.

As far as it is placed in the middle of a glass window, higher than what a squirrel can typically jump to, your pet birds and seeds are all safe.

Experts rated it 5/5.

What We Liked

  • Clear plastic to watch the birds feeding
  • Cool Value for money
  • Cleaning is easy
  • Roof protect seeds from rain
  • Majority of squirrels can’t climb a glass window

What We Didn’t Like

  • Will become unsafe if placed near the window ledge
  • Squirrel Stopper SQC05 Squirrel Stopper Pole Set

Reviewing this squirrel proof feeder for birds is no hype as it really works. There are lots of baffle sets available but this one does not simply works, it is pleasing to the eye too – a nice addition to your backyard.

The Victorian look at the top of the pole is bound to complete your yard, truly.

I am recommending this squirrel stopper pole because of its inverted cone-shape baffle, adjustable to your liking, depending on how big your feeder is.

It is produced from 16-guage steel that means no chewing squirrel can ever get through it.

While it can be somewhat expensive, it is worth every penny and saves you more from buying new feeder each time.

Simply make sure you mount it 5”-6” above the ground and your feeder is safe from any intruders – except birds.

What We Liked

  • Design is great
  • God value for the money
  • Does not need much cleaning
  • Its baffle set is movable, from left to right, up and down
  • Sturdy as it is steel made
  • 100% squirrel proof
  • The best squirrel proof bird feeder pole

What We Didn’t Like

  • Don’t mount it lower than 5” because squirrels can jump over the baffle section

  • Woodlink NABAF18 Audubon Squirrel Baffle

Yes, I agree, the squirrel baffle is the birders best friend. While there are lots of feeders that sort have answered the need to fight squirrels, nothing beats the good old baffle.

So this unit cannot run out of style. What makes this so effective is the fact that it is built from textured powder steel making it impossible for the squirrels to chew on.

Squirrels, even with their sharp incisors, can’t break this material. With that, your feeder will be invincible from attacks by this disturbers.

Like me, you too will enjoy adding baffle in your feeder pole. This is because it keeps the squirrel away and because it allows you to add a more expensive feeder without having to worry about small animals, rodents, or squirrels attacking them.

Sure! A baffle can save the day and so fat, this woodlink baffle ranks really high among the expert birders, and even named it ‘the cone savior.’

What We Liked

  • Can mount easily. There is no need to remove the feeder
  • Cleaning is easy
  • No chance for squirrels to climb through
  • Good Value for money

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can rust under the weather elements
  • Audubon NACLBAF16 Squirrel Baffle

Yes, it is those periods when you wish you have more feeder poles and simply install beautiful baffled to shield them from pesky bears, raccoons, and squirrels.

Audubon squirrel proof bird Baffles Company does a great job by coming out with this clear baffle, which can be used on a pole or hanged. I like it because it is not just stopping squirrels from ransacking the seeds but also protects the seeds from elementals – strong wind, snow, and rain.

In addition, the design is sleek. The only con of this is that it is made of plastic and while it works against smaller squirrel, it may not be the case for bigger ones, resourceful and more patient in discovering ways either by chewing it out or hanging on the edge of the dome baffle.

Otherwise, even experts say it works perfectly well.

What We Liked

  • Features a pretty design
  • Does not block viewing
  • Can protect seeds from rain or snow
  • Works well hanging or mounting on a pole

What We Didn’t Like

  • Built with plastic
  • Woodlink NATORPEDO Squirrel Baffle

The struggle against Genius squirrel is real. Giving them a durable, unbreakable material is honestly the fix.

One of such product is the torpedo squirrel baffle that ‘torpedos’ all squirrels acting smart on their way up the feeder

Because it is a slide on, it is said to be simple to install and so ultra-helpful for your feeder. To achieve this, you must adjust the distance between the feeder and the baffle to guarantee efficiency.

So far even expert birders rated this product as 5.

I enjoy this product because it does not only deter squirrels but the price itself is reasonable – cheap yet efficient – a rarity in the bird feeding world.

When installed with the right distance between the ground and the feeder, at least 4” to 5” above ground, this Audubon baffle is your perfect solution to squirrel or other critter problems.

Squirrels can leap but they don’t jump any higher than those distance. Avoid putting your feeder close to a window ledge or fence too.

The only con is that it works only with straight piles because it is movable up and down only.

What We Liked

  • Easy to install
  • Does not need cleaning
  • Good Value for money
  • Perfect fix for squirrel problems
  • Built with steel so it is very sturdy

What We Didn’t Like

  • Works only on straight poles

With that, we come to today’s best squirrel proof bird feeders review we hope you share and leave us comments on what you think below. Stay blessed and Jesus loves you!

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