Can Baby Birds eat Bread Crumbs or Milk? – Find Out!

No! Do not feed the baby bird bread crumbs or milk.

Bread lacks calories and will not supply the baby bird with the nutrients it needs to thrive. Also, ensure any food you feed your bird is served at room temperature.

Can Baby Birds eat Bread Crumbs or Milk?

Birds have no boobs.

Although it may seem like they do under their chest feathers but they really do not. Birds hatch out of eggs, like some snake species, which do not have a milk gland.

While some snakes protect their eggs, and may protect their young for a small period of time after they hatch, baby snakes are very soon on their own.

The same does not apply to birds, which are taken care of by either the mother or both parents until they are old enough to fly. Care does not include bread or milk.

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Waterbirds feed their young fish. Songbirds mostly feed their babies insects. Raptors feed their young meat. No birds feed their young milk. And no birds feed their young bread, either.

Think about it: how would a wild bird obtain a loaf of bread, or a quart of milk?

It’s sad that people find a baby bird and without thinking twice, try to help by stuffing him with bread or by squirting milk down his throat.

Baby birds should never, EVER be given any form of liquid, as inevitably it will go down their windpipe (trachea) instead of their esophagus, which connects to their stomach.

If this happens, it’s either the bird drown, or at least develop a strong case of pneumonia.

Since baby season is in full swing, people who find orphaned baby bird(s) should first make sure they’re REALLY orphaned. If the baby has simply fallen from the nest, put him back in, and the parents will resume their care.

Can Baby Birds eat Bread

Please, I beg you – try to limit the cutting down of trees to pre-and post-nesting season; but if a nest should fall and the babies are not injured, the whole nest can be moved safely into a nearby tree and the parents will continue where they left off.

A makeshift nest can be built from a plastic container, or a small wicker basket, or something that will allow water to drain out should it rain.

What if everything else fails and I am sure there are no parents around? Call a wildlife rehabilitator! Meanwhile, if the nestlings have been by themselves for more than a couple of hours, brace yourself and cut up a worm or squish a bug.

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With a pair of tweezers, offer it up or impale it on the end of a very small stick. Pet stores often sell mealworms in small plastic containers, which will do the trick until the rehabber takes over; ensure they are small mini-mealworms, and not the big mean ones that can actually bite you and which would make short work of a nestling songbird.

Also, feeding tiny bits of blueberry will also help keep the nestlings hydrated until you can them the help they need – which should be as fast as humanly possible.

In conclusion: unless you’re a human or a cow, cow’s milk is always a bad idea. Even wild mammals – bunnies, fawns, squirrels, etc. – will develop serious and often fatal stomach problems if fed cow’s milk.

Milk + Wildlife = Big Mistake.

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