Can Bird Mites Live on Humans? Find Out

If you’re itching, you might be wondering, can bird mites live on humans or not. Well, the truth is that mites will bite humans they meet but cannot survive on humans.

A lot of mites die within three weeks without a blood meal from a bird host. When they “test bite” humans, they inject saliva which can cause serious irritation with rashes and severe itching.

Bird Mite Treatment and Control

The irritation brought by mite bites can be reduced with an anti-pruritic such as crotamition (e.g. EURAX®) but there are no specific treatments.

Serious allergies may be treated as for other allergic conditions with antihistamines. Unless active steps are executed to control mite infestation, signs resulting from bird mite bite will continue to rise.

Once you identify a mite, appropriate steps should be taken to locate and eradicate the source/s of the infestation and prevent its recurrence. All breeding sites of bird mites should be located and nesting material removed and destroyed.

A spray of insecticide can be applied to ensure total eradication of mites, but treatment of rooms without removal of nests in roof cavities will not stop further mites infestation and the issue will continue to arise.

Broken timber or tiles allowing access to roof cavities should be repaired and every potential entry points to the roof cavity and eaves blocked.

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Nesting and roosting sites on window ledges should be cleared and made unusable for future bird use. Lastly, you might need to employ the services of a pest control officer if it seems to be getting worse or large areas are involved.

Can Bird Mites Live on Humans

Are Bird Mites Contagious?

Mites can wander from their preferred hosts and find their way into our body but they cannot survive for long on us and do not pose a health threat or transmit diseases and are merely, an annoyance.

How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites Naturally

Here is how to get rid of bird mites naturally without any stress:

  • Limonene (Orange Oil)

The citrus extract from peel is quite effective in terminating mite, fleas, ticks, and fleas. You can make a limonene spray on your own.

To do this, simply grind lemon peels and add water to it. Strain the mixture and pour the water into a spray bottle.

Cut an orange peel into little strips and add them into the bottle. You can use this spray on bedding, bathroom, bedding etc.

  • Essential Oils

Some essential oils such as lavender, cedar wood, peppermint, lemongrass, and eucalyptus are effective in killing parasites such as bird mites,

One or all of these oils can be sprayed to limit mite activity. The smell disrupts their communication and they run out of hiding.

Mix some oil and water in a spray bottle, shake to mix well, and spray it everywhere. The plus side to these sprays is that they provide your house with an amazing refreshing smell.

  • Cedar Oil Fogger

There had been studies carried out in the past on how effective it is in killing bird mites and they work wonders!

This bird mite home remedy is a bit costly, as you require ULV fogger for it. Put on a mask and blast every inch of your house with the fogger.

Leave your home for 3 hours and allow the fog work.

  • Neem Oil

Neem oil has around 95% success rate in ridding your home of bird mites. You can use it to spray, dissolved in water or you can place it on glue traps.

  • Hot Water or Bounce Fabric Sheets

You can go for any of these home remedies to kill bird mites. Bounce has an ingredient that is dangerous to bird mites.

You can place it in little amount in clothing, shoes, etc, and then wash it in hot water. An alternative to Bounce is Epsom salt, which you can dissolve in water when doing laundry.

  • Vinegar

Mites dislike vinegar scent. By using it in its concentrated form, you enjoy better results in getting rid of bird mites.

You can also use vinegar based cleaners for mopping floor and wiping other areas.

  • Menthol Crystals

Bird mites detest the smell of methol, which makes it a great repellent. Add some methol crystals in a sock and place it under your mattress.

You can also place it in your closet and in between sofa lining.

  • Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth cab be used to eradicate all forms of insects. Although it’s not really a home remedy, you can make use of it if you are out of other options.

It rids you of insect infestation by drying their exoskeleton. You can scatter some around your home’s entry points such as windows and doors.

Though it’s not toxic, it sure does make a mess. Therefore, only use it as a last resort.

These are all natural remedies that can ward off mites. Since these insects are small, getting rid of them can be more difficult. But, by keeping your house clean and blocking the entry points such as windows and décor, you can prevent an infestation.

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