Can Bird Poop be Brown? What’s Normal?

The first thing you must know is that birds do not have bladders, so they do not produce urine. The white is the solidified urine or urate produced by the kidneys.

There is also a black or green matter which is the stool, and a fluid which serves as a lubricant to allow the otherwise dry waste to exit the cloaca.

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Can bird Poop be Brown?

Yes, it can. If you feed small figs to your parrot, conures, or any other type of bird they will stool brown.

Nevertheless, you have nothing to fear as this is expected. Your bird will remain the happy, chirpy and healthy bird it is.

You can also mix it with sunflower, seeds, and a mix of other fruits and vegetables and maybe some of what you eat on a daily basis that is safe for them.

There are some schools of thoughts that have related brown poop by birds to lead poisoning – this is false.

Can Bird Poop be Brown

Birds at times poop the color of what they are fed. For instance, when you feed birds red pepper, expect a brick red colored dropping.

As long as their stool is not mustard, pale green or black and tarry, you have nothing to fear.

In fact, brown poo and some orange color around it are signs that your bird is very healthy.

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