Can Birds Eat Cheese? Is it Safe or Not?

After watching your birds eat chocolate, you might begin to wonder, can bird eat cheese? Well, let’s find out now. Shall we?

Cheese is a good tasting snack that a lot of people love to eat. Countless people also like putting it in bread just like your typical and nutritious peanut butter. It is not only an important food which is both nutritious and adds great value to a person’s diet, but also has such a unique taste.

It comes in many flavors and there is literally a cheese that can match the most discriminating of palettes.

Other animals such as your dog love cheese, not only as a simple snack to eat but also in its food.

But, simply because dogs and other animals love cheese may make you wonder if birds can consume it as well. The answer below might shock you.

Can Birds Eat Cheese?

The short answer is yes! The same pro’s that cheese benefits humans are also the same for wild and pet birds. This is why it makes the perfect bird food.

Although lactose is generally seen in milk and many other dairy products, it is not found in most cheeses, including yogurt, nor is it found in cottage cheese.

This explains why it is good for birds. While lactose is safe for most varieties of birds, it can be hard on their digestive tract at times, especially if they have consumed a lot of it. But, cheese rarely has thus, so they will find none of the side effects that lactose can cause for birds.

can birds eat cheese

Be Careful of the Additives

You should be conscious of the fact that additives to cheese may become a problem. Some cheeses contain have onion or garlic into the making of cheese and this can be very hard for the birds. In fact, these spices are actually poisonous to the bird’s digestive tract.

Thus us why it is crucial to thread with caution by looking at the ingredients of the cheese before feeding it to your birds.

Many yogurt brand come with fruits in them. It is 100% acceptable and safe to feed these kinds of yogurts to birds, because the fruits can be of great benefits to them.

You should watch out for the amount of sugar contained in these yogurt cups. They can have a lot of added which is bad for a bird’s digestive tract.

Because of this, it is best to serve plain yogurt to the birds. We at HQBirds also recommend you serve standard cheeses, like Swiss or cheddar, and avoid gourmet style cheeses.

This will give your bird a tasty treat and also keep them safe.

You can also learn if your bird can eat chocolate here.

So, can birds eat cheese, hell yeah!

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