Can Birds Eat Chocolate? – Safe or Not?

Can birds eat chocolate since they can eat cheese?

As you can I enjoy the taste of chocolate and cheese, so do our pets. In fact, they find it amazingly tasty, but it is really something that they should not really be digesting.

For instance, in dogs, chocolate can prove to be quite dangerous to the paw family and if ingested they may need to be taken to the vet.

So what happens if your pet parrot ate chocolate? Would it be in danger? This begs the question, Is it safe for my bird to eat chocolate?

Can Birds Eat Chocolate?

The short answer is No. Chocolate has proven to be somewhat lethal to birds and should not be offered to them at all whether you are talking about wild birds or your family pet bird(s).

When a bird consumes chocolate, it negatively affects their digestive tract, which can then lead t such things as vomiting and diarrhea.

If left untreated immediately, the symptoms will progressively get bad. It will eventually begin affecting the bird’s central nervous system.

This will cause seizures and unconsciousness. Because a lot of birds are perched when these happen they are likely to fall, get hurt and eventually die from this.

There are also findings of similar effects on when birds eat peanut butter; what happens, although research is still wanting.

I know it seems crazy that brown, white, or dark chocolate could have such serious effect but, as earlier stated, many animals find chocolate to be quite dangerous to them. Birds are clearly no different.

Can Birds Eat Chocolate

What to Do if Your Bird Consumes Chocolate

First of all, do not fear. While chocolate may not be for your bird, if it only had a small nibble then you need not be concerned.

It may become sick, but it will surely recover fast. So if simply nibbled at a piece of a chocolate bar or Hershey’s Kiss, no need to get too worried.

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Simply keep a close eye on the bird to ensure it is doing fine. If you discover that its health is deteriorating then it is time to take action.

If your bird has snaked on a large portion of choco or is becoming worse then you need to take actions immediately!

The first thing to do is to feed it water. You need to flush its system as fast as possible, and water can do you both some real good.

Next, call the vet to see what they recommend. It is essential to know the particular species of bird, the chocolate consumed and about how much you think the bird ate. The more information you can provide to the doctor the more likely it is that he or she can help you.

What you will discover, in a lot of cases, is that the vet will tell you to monitor the bird in close range unless a big quantity was ingested.

Keep an eye out for seizures, and if this happens then you will need to contact the vet again. This is a tell-tale that the nervous system is affected.

You know a better answer to give when someone asks – Can birds eat chocolate? Spread the love and see you soon!

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