Can Birds Eat Popcorn Kennels or Balls? Find Out

A reader asked me, can birds eat popcorn and I simply told her to give 6 hours and came up with this content. She’s all happy now and knows better.

Like chocolate, popcorn is a tasty treat that people love to crunch. There is almost no better feeling when you’re with your loved one at the theatre enjoying a big bag of popcorn while you watch your favorite moves together.

You and many people out there wonder if popcorn will make your pet feel the same way, especially birds or if it is bad for them. You wonder if it is right to feed the popcorn, either in its kernel form or cooked form, or if it will have negative effect on wild birds.

Or, maybe it is wrong to throw popcorn at birds that congregate at the park or outside the street. These are all good questions to ask, or ponder on, so an examination of the answer is on its way.

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Can Birds Eat Popcorn?

If you walk in a pet store or other types of store that sells bird seed to put in the feeder to give wild birds or your family pet, you will probably notice that many a times corn kernels are included in the bag of food.

What does this tell you?

It means that it is perfectly acceptable to feed them this as a treay.

In fact, the reality is that birds love popcorn. The kernels are not only great for their beaks, as they try to break them apart to get to the food, but they are an ideal kind of food as an extra addition to their nutritional needs.

This is why you see them included in most feed bag. That’s not to say that other grains like boiled raisins are bad for birds

Consider the fact that chickens can live on nothing but corn kernels. They are thrown out in the open where chickens peck them up and make sweet sounds at their hearty meal. This further proves that popcorn is good for birds.

Can Birds Eat Popcorn

Can the Popcorn Be Popped Before Fed?

This question is a good one as most feed bags you see HAVE POPCORN THAT IS “STILL” IN THEIR “KENNEL FORM”. So, time to look at this question.

No! Popcorn that is popped should not be fed and for several reasons.

Firstly popped popcorn has now become a processed food. It offers almost no nutritional value to birds or humans. Any protein that corn may have formerly contained has been denatured – in other words, destroyed.

The bird’s digestive system may suffer to digest popped corn. It may get stuck in the birds and lead to death.

I highly doubt whether scientists have carried out trials to test the hypothesis whether popped corn can harm birds or not. Common sense should be used here.

Secondly, although over the year, many birds like sea gulls have adapted to eating junk food, it is not healthy for them. They begin to rely on humans and not forage in a way that is natural to them. This might cause a sharp decline in their numbers as it is doing now.

Thirdly, microwave popcorn brands feature ingredients added to popcorn, like caramel, seasoning salt, or artificial butter. These are all not good for the bird at all. In fact, the best situation is to offer the bird plain, air-popped popcorn with no salt or other toppings, or consider other kitchen scraps for birds..

However, if you still insist on feeding popped popcorn….. Read below

If you prefer to cook the popcorn on the stove, then it is best to use vegetable oil to cook the popcorn. This makes sure that the oils do not have any negative effect on the birds at all. This is especially true if you feed the bird’s popped popcorn constantly. You want to use vegetable oil in such a scenario.

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