Can Birds Eat Rice? Let’s Find Out!

The question, can birds eat rice, has been lingering in the birdie space for quite a while.

Some school of thought say that it is safe while others disagree based on the myth that feeding birds uncooked rice will cause their stomachs to explode when the rice expands.

Note: This is a myth and It is perfectly safe for birds to eat rice. A lot of bird species consume grain in the wild, or seeds similar to rice. The primary thing to consider is whether the birds you’re trying to feed will eat rice or not.

If you’re looking to attract certain species, consider getting the food types that will best attract the birds you’re searching for.

Assuming you are using a bid feeder, you may want to simply get standard birdseed.

Can Birds Eat Rice?

Yes, they can. It is totally safe.

Forget about the rumours that people spread: don’t throw rice at wedding or feed rice to birds. Truth is, rice uncooked or cooked will not hurt wild or pet birds at all.

The rumour that non-cooked rice hit and swells in a bird stomach; causing it to explode is simply not true. The bird’s stomach is actually not “hot enough” to “cook” the rice. So, the rice doesn’t swell and blow up the stomach.

This rumour was birthed as far back as 1996. But not to worry, avians consume rice during migration all the time, and they do just fine. While the rumor that birds eating rice is dangerous isn’t true, it has been so widely spread that it has pretty significantly reduce the tradition of throwing rice at weddings.

Come to think of it. It may be for the best. Rice doesn’t appear to be the simplest thing for church workers to clean. A lot of people have moved from throwing rice to throwing millet at weddings.

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Its eco-friendly for the birds and it’s soft on the newly wedded.

Feel free to drop your burning bird questions using the comment section below and we’d do our very best to answer them.

Can Birds Eat Rice?

Can birds eat Diary Products?

Generally speaking, it is not advised to feed domestic birds or wild birds diary on a constant basis; but, in small amounts, yogurt, cheese, and occasional sips of milk will not prove to be harmful.

What’s interesting is that, like mammals some wild birds do produce a form of “milk” for their young. We’d be writing more on that topic in the coming weeks.

Now you know better on can birds eat rice topic, and can better educated others.

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