Can Birds Eat Tomatoes? Learn More

Tomatoes consumed in tiny bit quantity by birds pose no threat. It is better to feed those dried tomatoes and spaghetti sauce instead though.


Because dried tomatoes have very little of the acid left over from the drying process while the tomatoes in spaghetti sauce are cooked, eradicating the acid and also, there isn’t a lot used in the sauce.

Can Birds Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, they can. Small amount of tomatoes aren’t acutely toxic to birds, but they shouldn’t bite on a lot of them. The occasional nibble of something with tomato is fine, but it shouldn’t be offered constantly or part of their normal diet (if you get me).

Personally, I fed my pet bird a little pasta with marinara sauce on it or a little bit of pizza that has some sauce or a tiny piece of chip with some salsa.

Guess what? She loves it, and suffers no bad effects. But, those are RARE treats, and I wouldn’t make cooked or raw tomatoes a regular part of her diet. Acidic and citrus fruit, on the other hand, I feed her once a week.

She loves orange and will consume pineapple. Citrus is just acidic, so shouldn’t be fed on a daily basis but us fine to be a more regular part of their diet.

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The problem with tomatoes is that they’re part of the nightshade family and contain alkaloids which some birds can handle (in small amounts, infrequently), so I wouldn’t recommend a nibble of tomato food more than once a month.

I have heard of some people who don’t allow tomato at all.

Can Birds Eat Tomatoes

My Opinion

From what I understand, tomato leaves and stems are acutely toxic but the fruit itself is not toxic in small amounts.

I’ve never also witnessed a direct evidence of a parrot becoming sick from snacking on SMALL AMOUNTS of tomato on an infrequent basis, but I have seen some “fear spreading websites” that list just about everything but pellets as “potentially toxic” for parrots to ingest.

Not saying there’s aren’t some outright toxic foods you should ever, EVER feed a bird, but I believe that some foods such as dairy, tomato, salty/sugary things are the birdie equivalent of alcohol or fast food to humans – not going to harm you if consumed in moderation, every so often, but if you consume it on a regular basis in large quantities, it becomes a serious problem.

Now, Can birds eat tomatoes safely? You’re in a better position to answer that now. Good luck!.

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