Catalana Chicken Breed & Characteristics

The Catalan is also known as the Buff Catalan or Catalana Del Prat. They are native to Spain. The Catalan is one of the few breeds of chicken that is considered a dual-duty breed, meaning they are good producers of both eggs and meat.

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Catalana Chicken Breed

The Catalan is well known for its hardiness. They can thrive in a variety of types of conditions. The vigor of the Catalan is also valued.

The Catalan is considered a dual-duty bird, one of the few chickens that earns this title. They are an excellent source of both high-quality eggs and meat.

A moderately sized animal, the average Catalan has buff colored plumage. Most Catalans have a single plume. The Catalan’s eggs are generally quite large and light in color. Most of its eggs are white or have a very pale tint.

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catalana chicken breed

The Catalan was originally known in the Prat region of Catalan, Spain. It is from the name of this district, near Barcelona, that the Catalan earned the name “Catalana del Prat.”

The Catalan was first exhibited in Spain in 1902, at the World’s Fair in Madrid. After this showing, the Catalan’s popularity began to increase quite rapidly.

Although the Catalan is still not popular in either the United States or Canada, they are quite popular throughout Latin America.

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