Do Hummingbird Feeders Attract Rats – Yes/No?

Do hummingbird feeders attract rats?

Yes! Rats are freeloaders and would go for the feeders if they are easy to reach.

Filling a hummingbird feeder full of nectar and placing it outdoors for the hummingbirds can be lots of fun; but, hummingbirds are not the only animals that love a little sugar water during the day.

Uninvited guests such as mice and rats can be both bothersome and sometimes dangerous to only hummingbirds, but to humans too because of the germs they carry.

For example, wasps, bees, and yellow jackets will fiercely chase away the hummingbirds until they give up and go elsewhere. Bats, which carry rabies and other diseases, will come and steal hummingbird food from the feeders at night. Ants will come to a hummingbird feeder to steal the nectar, and will leave contaminations and germs on it.

Rats are adorable to watch from a distance, also carry the plague and rabies, and will drain a hummingbird feeder dry drinking all the nectar.

Even birds like oriels and other nectar loving birds will swoop down and gobble some hummingbird nectar when they think no one is looking.

These are serious when setting up a hummingbird habitat and there are many things that can be done to either reduce the intrusions or totally rid them all together.

Do Hummingbird Feeders Attract Rats?

Yes, it does. In fact, Rats are freeloaders and would go for the feeders if they are easy to reach but how about squirrels?

Do Hummingbird Feeders Attract Rats

How to Keep Squirrels Out of Hummingbird Feeder

How do you keep squirrels out of hummingbird feeders? This is a common question asked alongside how to keep a squirrel out of a bird bath, bird feeder, fruit tree, you name it.

Squirrels are fine animals, cute too, fun to watch, but, they do carry rabies, fleas, and plague.

Adapted to mid air acrobatics and long jumps, squirrels will try to reach a hummingbird feeder. But, the mist typical way for a squirrel to reach a hummingbird feeder is to climb down from the top where the feeder is mounted.

To avoid this event from playing out, try a Squirrel Baffle. This is a disk mounted above the hummingbird feeder that is created to tip with the slightest touch.

You can buy a Squirrel Baffle or make one yourself.

You can make a homemade baffle by using a cylindrical body of an old ink pen, a large round bead, a pie can, a length of wire, and a pie with a hole in the center.

Here’s how to put it together.

  1. Start off first by Tying the wire to the top of your hummingbird feeder.
  2. String the body of the ink pen onto the wire.
  3. String the bead onto the wire so that it rests on top of the ink pen (this will allow the pie pan to roll easily).
  4. Turn the pie pan upside-down and string it through the hole on top of the bead.
  5. Hang up your hummingbird feeder.

So, if a squirrel attempts to land on the pie pan, it will simply roll off to the ground when the pie pen rolls under its heavy weight. This also serves as a great umbrella for the hummingbird feeder in the rain.

Bring out your creativity and decorate your homemade squirrel baffle.

There are also really good tactical manual on dealing with squirrels called Outwitting Squirrels by Bill Adler.

Another way to deal with bothersome squirrels is by feeding them. It’s hardly suggested because these things dig a lot of holes in the ground. So, by feeding them, you might be encouraging a much bigger number to reside in your yard or around your home leading to more holes.

Note: Check to see if it’s legal to feed squirrels, if it is, try some of the top squirrel feeders, or you can DIY own.



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