How to Make a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder That Works

How to build a squirrel proof bird feeder pole?

First, suspend your feeders on a wire strung from one pole to another, at least five feet from the ground.

To stop these pesky pests from performing a tight-rope walking trick, strong plastic liter-size soda bottles onto the wire on both ends of the feeders. The squirrels will roll right off as they approach.

How to Make a Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

Squirrels are villain in almost every bird watching lover’s story. This simple yet effective PVC and plastic jug design will keep these rodents out of your bird feeders meant for your fine-feathered friends.

Here’s how to make a squirrel proof bird feeder:

  • Gather the Gear

Hang a modified 2-liter soda bottle between two trees spaced 16-25 feet apart, using 16-guage galvanized-steel wire, two 2-inch No.6 screw eyes and one ¼ x 2–inch eyebolt with nuts. Ten 1-foot lengths of ½-inch PVC spin on the wire, stopping squirrels as birds perch on pieces of a 20-ounce bottle.

  • Cut a Jug

At 1½ inches above the 2-liter-jug bottom, pick up a utility knife and cut the seed ports: 4 triangles with ¾-inch sides.

Cut a ¾-inch-long horizontal slit ½ inch below each port. Use snips to cut ¾ x 3–inch L-shaped strips from a 20-ounce bottle bottom.

Fit the strips in the slits, concave side up. Drill a few 3⁄16-inch drainage holes in the 2-liter jug bottom.

  • Hang It Up

To hang this homemade squirrel proof bird feeder up, simply twist a screw eye into both trees 8 feet from the ground.

Fit the 10 lengths of pipe over the wire, pull it taut to the second screw eye, and then wrap it tightly. Next, drill a hole via the 2-liter capo and attach the eyebolt with dual nuts.

Hang a short wire length from the horizontal wire midway before the pipes, then tie that length to the eyebolt, twisting the wire around itself to create the connections.

To fill the jig, pour the seeds through a funnel.

  • Bird-Watch

Your birds will love it. Howver, the squirrels will either spin off the pipes or stay at the tree. They will try to dive but won’t get a grip on the bottle.

Birds love it. Squirrels either stay at the tree or spin off the pipes. They dive but can’t grip the bottle. Suckers!

How to Make a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

How to Make a Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder Pole

Metal poles and wood are super easy for squirrels to hop and climb on, but it has been proven that copper piping or PVC are more of a challenge.

If you love DIY, try your hands at building your own feeder station or pole using these materials.

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