Jersey Giant Chicken Breed for Newbies

The Jersey Giant chicken breed is an excellent fowl in terms of heavy meat and egg production.

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Jersey Giant Chicken Breed

The Jersey Giant is generally not the type of chicken to own in terms of fast growth. As it is, they are large fowl that spend their first six months developing a large frame and do not show high meat yield until at least after six months time.

Due to their large size, Jersey Giants are not the best choice for incubation and brooding.

The Jersey Giant reaches large sizes as its name states. Cocks are generally 13 pounds, hens are 10 pounds, cockerels are 11 pounds, and pullets are eight pounds.

They are the largest breed in the American Class.

Jersey-Giant-ChickenTheir color of skin is yellow and the eggs are brown or dark brown. These domestic fowl are rugged and angular in shape with a single comb.

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Jersey Giant Chicken Breed

The Jersey Giant comes in three varieties, blue, black and white. The white variety was the second to come and is a sport of the black variety.

The black variety has black shanks with a willow tinge and the white variety has dark willow shanks. The blue variety is considered by many to be the most beautiful.

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The Black brothers, due to a large demand for heavy fowl developed the Jersey Giant in New Jersey in the 1870s.

They were originally called the Jersey Black Giant as a result of their developer’s last name. The Jersey Giant was created in a cross between Orpingtons, Black Javas, Dark Brahmas, and Black Langshans.

This original cross is now also often accompanied with some Cornish blood as well. They remain today the largest chicken developed in America.

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