Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Breed – Full Profile

The Buttercup Chicken is native to the Italian Island of Sicily. It is also known as the “Sicilian Buttercup”. They are an ornamental bird, more valued for their attractive appearance than their egg-laying ability.

Sicilian Buttercup Chicken Breed

A small chicken, the Buttercup derives its name from its cup-shaped comb. Their plumage is a golden color, with patterns that differ between male and female birds.

The first importation of Sicilian Buttercups to America occurred in 1835. In 1892, fertile eggs were imported to America for hatching.

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sicilian buttercup chicken breed

The Sicilian Buttercup was admitted to the breed standard in 1918. Soon afterwards, the word “Sicilian” was dropped from its name and it became known simply as the Buttercup.

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The Buttercup is not common in egg-laying operations, but they are well respected as ornamental fowl.

Sicilian Buttercups need to have fresh, cool water daily. They also need chicken pellets.

The Buttercup is an energetic animal. They are non-broody, meaning they do not brood. The Buttercup lays only a small amount of eggs, which are little and white.

If you have an egg-laying hen, make sure you feed her chicken pellets made just for layers and keep a pan of crushed shells in the pen.

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