What Do Cockatiels Eat in the Wild? – Complete List

Cockatiels are a bird species often referred to as miniature cockatoo. They originate from Australia. Native environment of exotic parrots is described and rain forests, wetlands, and bushlands.

They also live in South Pacific Island and Asia.

What do cockatiels eat in the wild? They usually get:

  1. Seeds from grasses.
  2. Some types of vegetables and fruits.
  3. Food from farmers’ crops.
  4. Edible greens and plants.
  5. Roots and blossoms.

Millet and sunflower seeds are to amongst the best food for cockatiels. By the way, do you know, why parrots fly erratically? The birds are quick fliers, able to travel up to 70 miles per hours. They are used to doing it to escape from their predators and enemies, like feral cats, eagles, and hawks.

At times, farmers are forced to attack and lay waste to flocks of cockatiels as the parrots kill their crops. But, the birds are not at risk of extinction nowadays. They are not hunted as a means of food. Plus, cockatiels are taken now from the wild and breed as pets.

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What Do Cockatiels Eat in the Wild?

They eat seeds, veggies, fruits, roots and blossoms.

Good news is that cockatiels are herbivores and do not prey. So, they use their sharp beaks only to defend themselves.

They might also attack other cockatiels when mad. But, the parrots might do it only when they sense any danger. Generally, your exotic pets are quiet and friendly birds. Being the smallest parrots in the cockatoo family, cockatiels are smart, intelligent, companion birds.

What Do Cockatiels Eat in the Wild

What Quality of Bird Food Should I Feed My Cockatiels?

Research shows that a fresh food diet is among the healthiest diet types. It is beneficially based on different food varieties that are safe for your pet bird.

Cockatiel Food List

A Table is mean’t to be here.

Remember to provide them with fresh and clean drinking water. To observe the best practices, change it not less than 3 times a day. But, do you work? If you choose this type of diet, it would take more of your precious time.

Fresh foods are perishable and get spoilt soon.

What Can Cockatiels Eat?

You can find out about what Cockatiels eat in the next sub-heading below:

Fresh food diet bears some risks such as:

  • high-fat content;
  • risk of bacterial growth;
  • moldy flavor;
  • Lack of minerals and vitamins.

The thing here to note is that your cockatiels should be free to select the food they like. However, you know better and should always feed them what is best for them.

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Intelligent birds are not smart enough to pick “healthy food”. They opt for the ones that tastes better. That is less nutritious products that are rich in fat contents.

For instance, sunflower seeds have 30% fat content and over-eating them can lead to obesisty, heart attacks and other health issues in birds.

Plus, cockatiel feeding schedule is super tight, in this case. Your pets are to be offered fresh food 3 times in 24 hours. Snacks between daily meals are to be nutritional. Every 2 hours you are to change water and take away food remaining.

Are there any suitable alternatives?

What Can I Give My Cockatiel to Eat?

Your birds can eat fruits, berries, and vegetables safely. They need vitamins, proteins,. Calcium, and carbohydrates. Variety of fruits and green vegetables are beneficial.

What can cockatiels eat? List should include healthy vegetables, such as:

  • carrots with tops;
  • pumpkin;
  • wax beans;
  • parsley;
  • dark green lettuce.
  • broccoli, including leaves and florets;
  • cooked sweet potatoes;

Good fruits include but not limited to bananas, plums, apricots, cherries, pears, mangoes, mangoes.

Most berries are allowed. Simple take away pits and berry seeds, as they might lead to allergy. Some table foods like eggs, meat, cheese, pasta, rice, can be added. However, these products are to be very fresh to eliminate mycotoxins.

Meanwhile, a healthy cockatiel diet may be based on the best pellets for cockatiels. Having 60-80% of concentrated nutrients, the food is balanced and comes with plenty advantages. Amount of fat seeds is reduced, preventing kidney and liver diseases.

Quite naturally, fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains are important. But, you can give them to the birds 2 times a day or only in the evenings.

Changing water twice per 24 hours is not the best, but an acceptable choice. So, cockatiels enjoy high-energy meals. Daily ration is only 15 grams of foods per bird.

What Can Cockatiels Not Eat?

Some type of food may harm your lovely cock-atiels. They are poisonous, and can make cockatiels sick.

When feeding your birds, avoid:

  • avocado;
  • rhubarb;
  • salt;
  • eggplant, tomato and potatoes’ leaves;
  • mushrooms.
  • chocolate;
  • garlic and onions;
  • sugar

Unsalted nuts are said to be safe. But, they might have fungus. It’s toxic. Diary products are not advised by HQbirds. As birds lack enzymes that will aid them in the digestion of lactose.

This may lead to diarrhea and other digestive problems. But, some cottage cheese and yogurt that contains no lactose is acceptable.

Overall Impression

What do cockatiels eat for treats? They might get some sunflower seeds, animal crackers, or unsalted cornflakes.

Divide small treats into small portions before serving. Serve no more than once a day. What do cockatiels eat in the wild? They eat edible chalk, mineral blocks, and cuttlebones. These additives contain essential calcium and nutrients.

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