What to Feed a Fledging Bird – Beginner’s List!

When it comes to what to feed a fledging bird, we have to be cautious.

First, because during the late spring and summer months you are likely to encounter a baby bird that appears abandoned on the ground.

A fledging bird is usually taught to find food on its own, while its parents observe from a distance. Do not assume the bird needs your help at first.

However, if the bird remains on its own all day and doesn’t appear to have help from parent birds then you may decide to feed the bird and care for it until you can get it to a wildlife rehabilitator.

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What to Feed a Fledging bird

  • Pet Foods

Feed a fledging nestling the same as a cat or dog. Soak dry cat or dog food in water to get it moist and easier to swallow.

The contents of the pet food will serve as the top performing temporary diet for the bird, according to the Louisiana SCPA.

The bird will open its beak in an attempt to beg for food as its tummy grumbles. Do not forget to build an homemade nest for the bird to sit in, such a small bowl lined with paper towels.

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  • Proteins

For most bird species, their baby’s diet requires much protein in order to grow at a rapid rate, according to HQ Birds website.

Meat should take up a large percentage of what you feed to a fledging bird. Mince up small pieces of raw liver or kidney and give it to the bird using a pair of tweezers to drop into the mouth.

Apart from meat, baby birds may also get protein from the whites of a hard-boiled egg cut into small strips. They will also snack up the boiled yoke of the egg if mashed into a paste.

Another temporary food for fledging’s is protein rich dog biscuits soaked in water will also work as a temporary food for fledglings.

What to Feed a Fledging bird

  • No Milk

Never use milk to soften dry foods for birds, as they are not able to digest this properly. While it may seem innocently natural to feed babies milk, remember that these creatures are not breast fed mammals and so their requirements differ from one.

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Avoid diary products, because the bird may already be faced with a hard time surviving, without having to cope with digestive problems too.

  • Feeding

A fledging bird will eat every 15-30 minutes from morning till night. So you should be ready for the responsibilities.

Carefully drop the foods into the mouth of the bird and continue to feed it until it stops opening its mouth and quits begging for more.

Avoid touching the bird unless absolutely necessary and keep it in a warm place where it cannot be disturbed.


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